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theoretical concept or heuristic device: it is a promise. The promise of the sociological imagination is to allow individuals to under stand their place in the broader social and his torical context. As Mills says in the first sentence of The Sociological Imagination, people today increasingly feel that their private lives are a series of … Read more sociological imagination 4605

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in a seminal article, a theory of language change that bypasses the fruitless paradoxes with which historical linguistics has been struggling. Nevertheless, as a hypothesis, it must be applied prudently and tested rigorously. It can be disrupted, for instance, by individuals going against the grain of their social cohort, like the aspirers mentioned above, and … Read more 4604 sociological imagination

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become archaic or old fashioned in the dialect, and adolescents accelerating changes and adopt ing innovations at a greater rate than their elders. Most variation is a matter of degree rather than kind. Only stigmatized variants like multi ple negatives occur as absolute differences, in that they almost never occur in middle class speech but … Read more sociolinguistics 4603

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furnished him also with language, which was to be the great instrument and common tie of society. Yet linguistic research into its social significance is relatively recent, having emerged as an international movement only in the second half of the twentieth century. Sociolinguistics extends social science methods to the venerable study of language, which since … Read more 4602 sociolinguistics

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Someresearchers are investigatingan expanded array of occupational characteristics that may also be related to health and mortality. Jencks et al. (1988) have proposed new measures of job desirability. They have asked individuals to rate their job relative to others based on such char acteristics as educational requirements, hours worked, on the job training, level of … Read more sociolinguistics 4601

4600 socioeconomic status, health, and mortality

Academy Award winners can expect to live 3.9 years longer than less recognized actors and actresses (Redeimeier & Singh 2001). Others, using measures of occupational status, such as the Nam Powers Occupational SES Scores (OSS), or indicators of occupational prestige, such as Duncans Socioeconomic Index (SEI), show that mortality and morbidity decrease with increased status … Read more 4600 socioeconomic status, health, and mortality

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Figure 1 Education-specific life expectancies at age 25 by sex, USA. Source: Derived from Richards & Barry (1998) and based on 1990 data. increase stress and frustration levels by means of relative deprivation in which perceived dispari ties contribute to potential health problems. Recent research has expanded measures of economic status. Diversified income portfolios, higher … Read more socioeconomic status, health, and mortality 4599

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General Assembly resolution 217 A (III) of 10 December 1948. Online. rights.html. Zechenter, E. (1997) In the Name of Culture: Cul- tural Relativism and the Abuse of the Individual. Journal of Anthropological Research 53: 319 47. socioeconomic status, health, and mortality Richard G. Rogers and Jarron M. Saint Onge The World Health Organization broadly … Read more 4598 socioeconomic status, health, and mortality

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disproportional, and individuals can be falsely accused (Becker 1963). Members of a society may come to believe that the threats from deviance are greater than they actually are (Goode & Ben Yehuda 1994). Objective mole hills can be transformed into subjective moun tains (Jones et al. 1989), and moral enterprises can evolve into moral panics … Read more sociocultural relativism 4597

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RELATIVITY OF DEVIANCE Sociocultural relativism has kindred ties with Matzas (1969) idea of natural deviation. Nat uralism is an approach that views the human actor as a self conscious, reflexive being who engages in meaningful activity. Naturalism rejects determinism, and its only obligation is to offer a correct rendition of worldly activities. It combines observation … Read more 4596 sociocultural relativism