3160 nationalism and sport

the corrida de toros, the classic form of the bullfight, is not universally popular throughout Spain, nor does it even take place at all in some Spanish regions. In terms of popularity, the national sport of Spain is almost unarguably association football (soccer). Yet, at least as much as taurine activities, the game helps us … Read more 3160 nationalism and sport

nationalism and sport 3159

takes priority in the minds of sports fans. Nationality, however, is likely to be what mat ters to athletes since this alone guarantees the right to compete on behalf of nation states, which, unlike many nations, may be repre sented in international sport just as they are at the United Nations itself. It is worth … Read more nationalism and sport 3159

3158 nationalism and sport

Hayes, C. J. H. (1960) Nationalism: A Religion. Macmillan, New York. Hobsbawm, E. (1990) Nations and Nationalism since 1780: Programme, Myth, Reality. Cambridge Uni- versity Press, Cambridge. Hobsbawm, E. & Ranger, T. (Eds.) (1983) The Invention of Tradition. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Hutchinson, J. (1987) The Dynamics of Cultural Nationalism. Allen & Unwin, London. Kedourie, … Read more 3158 nationalism and sport

nationalism 3157

of nationalism, which he calls ethnona tionalism: the powerful bond felt toward, if not actual, presumed kinsmen and co ethnics. (3) Perennialists like John A. Armstrong (1982) see nations as premodern ethnocul tural social formations shaped over a longue duree by an accumulation of collec tive experiences, myths, and symbols and by encounters with other … Read more nationalism 3157

3156 nationalism

borders without encountering problems of communication and manipulation of information. For the manipulation of mat ter is now undertaken by machines oper ating to human instructions. The great scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs of the Industrial Revolution did not know what they were doing: they were creating the conditions essential for nationalism cultural homogeneity. Thus, for … Read more 3156 nationalism

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Some scholars, and above all Isaiah Berlin, as well as Gellner and Liah Greenfeld, have per ceived the desire for status or prestige in nation alist movements. Berlin (1998) has specifically defined nationalism as a movement for Anner kenung: for raising ones bent back from humi liation. Nationalism demands the recognition of the value of … Read more nationalism 3155

3154 nationalism

minorities; fifth, the loss of personal free dom through state coercion to conform. Among the scholars who have described nationalism as a state led homogenizing enter prise, Ernst Gellner is probably the most subtle. For Gellner (1983), the cultural homo genization of the people of a state is specifically associated with the modern state, and … Read more 3154 nationalism

nationalism 3153

by Johann Gottfried Herder as a part of his Romantic celebration of cultural diversity. Nevertheless, modern nationalism has its ideo logical roots in both the Enlightenment and the Romantic reaction to it. Definitions of nation alism as, indeed, of the nation vary in the social sciences: first, according to the particular aspect of nationalism that … Read more nationalism 3153

3152 nationalism

NATIONALISM TODAY It is a curiosity of contemporary intellectual history that the global turn in sociology has coincided with a sharp increase in substantive and theoretical work on nationalism. The pro liferation of books, journals, articles, and sym posia on nationalism and national identity has vastly expanded our knowledge of and con ceptual tools for … Read more 3152 nationalism

nation state and nationalism 3151

and loyalty to the state, and connected culture and politics in novel ways. Thus the rise of the nation and nationalism, for both Mann and Breuilly, was very much bound up with the struggle toward representative government and citizenship. These modernist positions, in both their socioeconomic and political guises, have been subject to increasing challenges … Read more nation state and nationalism 3151