3180 network society

certain guiding ideas of classical Marxism (economic exploitation, class struggle, the hor izon of social emancipation) with an attention to the transformed conditions under which capi talist social relations were being reproduced in the post war period. This entailed attending to the specificity and relative autonomy of the contemporary capitalist state, as well as to … Read more 3180 network society

neo Marxism 3179

conditions of capital accumulation and the poli tical realities that accompanied them. Having intersected the Frankfurt School (Baran was present at the Institute for Social Research in 1930), and later influencing some of its erstwhile members (Monopoly Capital was a considerable reference for Marcuses One Dimensional Man), neo Marxists shared with them a conviction regarding … Read more neo Marxism 3179

3178 neo Marxism

languages as spontaneous orders which have grown up with market orders and which pro vide an essential underpinning for them. This provides one of the bridges between neoliber alism and neoconservatism. From being a heresy, neoliberalism became an orthodoxy in the 1980s and 1990s, and many of its favorite nostrums were crystallized in the Washington … Read more 3178 neo Marxism

neoliberalism 3177

withdrawal of the state from involvement in many other areas of social and economic life, gives scope for large cuts in taxation and the share of state spending in national income. The role of the state in the neoliberal pro gram is not a passive one. It has to be both active and forceful. The … Read more neoliberalism 3177

3176 neoliberalism

hierarchical means of ordering the economy, within a framework of law. The German neo liberals sought to revive liberal principles after the devastating impact of Nazi totalitarianism on German society and politics, by calling for a return to the rule of law, a competitive market economy, private property rights, and an ethic of personal responsibility, … Read more 3176 neoliberalism

neoliberalism 3175

states and obliges the whole world to adopt democracy. Leaving things as they are is not an option. This vision of the world was only one strand inside the George W. Bush administration after 2000, and not at first the most influential one. Isolationist and traditional conservative ten dencies were uppermost. September 11, 2001, changed … Read more neoliberalism 3175

3174 neoconservatism

deficits under Reagan and George W. Bush. For neoconservatives, such deficits are justified given the security threat faced by the nation. Politics trumps economics every time. As a cultural doctrine, neoconservatism has strong affinities with traditional conserva tism. Neoconservatives oppose cultural nihi lism, regarding it as a serious internal threat to the survival of the … Read more 3174 neoconservatism

neoconservatism 3173

ideological backgrounds, including various kinds of liberalism as well as Trotskyism. The formative experience which made them neo cons was their reaction to the events of the 1960s, in particular the student movement, the anti war movement, and the counterculture with its strident denunciations of traditional culture. They criticized the cultural nihilism of the counterculture … Read more neoconservatism 3173

3172 neoconservatism

rewarded in any precise manner. Given a work culture that discourages individuals from openly discussing their incomes with work mates, many employees seem to be uncertain as to how their wages are ultimately calculated, although most know that nenko, performance assessments, overtime, and bonuses all contri bute to their annual earnings. To some extent the … Read more 3172 neoconservatism

nenko chingin 3171

tenure linked system in place for all regular employees. Many unionists believed it was a transparent, fair system that remunerated all workers/employees according to their life cycle needs and removed the discretion of manage ment to discriminate among employees accord ing to nebulous and/or non transparent criteria simply to increase their profits at the expense … Read more nenko chingin 3171