alliances 121

Hodson, R. (2001) Dignity at Work. Cambridge University Press, New York. Marx, K. (1971 [1844]) The Economic and Philo- sophic Manuscripts of 1844. In: Jordon, Z. A. (Ed.), Karl Marx. Michael Joseph, London. Seeman, M. (1959) On the Meaning of Alienation. American Sociological Review 24, 6 (December): 783 91. Shepard, J. M. (1971) Automation and … Read more alliances 121

120 alienation

of alienation. Related concepts include job commitment, effort bargaining, and, conver sely, resistance. In the political sphere voting behavior and a sense of political efficacy have emerged as central empirical indicators of underlying alienation from societys power structures. The intellectual movement from a social phi losophy of alienation to a social science of alie nation … Read more 120 alienation

alienation 119

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118 alcoholism and alcohol abuse

adapted to the behavior of the alcoholic hus band and father, focusing upon the changes in role expectations and role relationships that often kept families intact despite dramatically deviant behavior on the part of this adult male (Steinglass et al. 1987). Stemming from these studies has been the concept of enabling behaviors that has widely … Read more 118 alcoholism and alcohol abuse

alcoholism and alcohol abuse 117

and the definition of alcohol depend ence accompany combinations of industrializa tion, urbanization, immigration, and population growth (Heath 2000). Deviant uses of alcohol involve failures to perform expected roles and/or destructive or anti social behaviors. Sociologically, alcohol abuse is any use of alcohol that is contrary to social norms governing the circumstances where the drinking … Read more alcoholism and alcohol abuse 117

116 alcoholism and alcohol abuse

SEE ALSO: Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse; Crime; Drug Use; Drugs, Drug Abuse, and Drug Policy; Drugs and the Law; Drugs/ Substance Use in Sport; Juvenile Delinquency REFERENCES AND SUGGESTED READINGS Acierno, R., Coffey, S., & Resnick, H. S. (Eds.) (2003) Interpersonal Violence and Substance Abuse Problems. Special issue. Addictive Behaviors 28(9). Bureau of Justice Statistics … Read more 116 alcoholism and alcohol abuse

alcohol and crime 115

deterring drunk driving: at least two thirds of the fatal alcohol involved accidents are caused by repeat drink drivers. Effective measures for controlling drunk driving and alcohol related accidents include lowering legal blood alcohol concentrations, controlling liquor out lets, nighttime driving curfews for minors, educational treatment programs combined with license suspension for offenders, and court … Read more alcohol and crime 115

114 alcohol and crime

is interesting from the sociological standpoint is the definition of dn (plural, adyan), the complexity of which is lost when translated into the modern religion. This then raises the question as to whether al Biruni imposed an Islamic conception of religion onto his Indian data or derived this broad conception from his Indian textual sources … Read more 114 alcohol and crime

al Biruni (9731048) 113

metaphysical ideas of the elite and the anthro pomorphic ideas of the masses, he clarifies that this dichotomy is to be found among the ancient Greeks, Jews, Christians, and Muslims (Sachau 1910: 24, 111). In other words, the dichotomy is a universal tendency found in all religions. Second, his work on India is an example … Read more al Biruni (9731048) 113

112 al Biruni (9731048)

philosopher ibn Sina (Avicenna). By 1022, Sultan Mahmud had conquered large parts of India including Waihand, Multan, Bhatinda, and the Ganges valley up to near Benares. It was during this time that al Biruni developed an interest in Indian society, living in an empire that conquered large areas of the Indian subcontinent and having the … Read more 112 al Biruni (9731048)