3040 military sociology

De Vries, K. (1992) Medieval Military Technology. Broadview, Peterborough. Kaldor, M. (2003) American Power: From Compli- ance to Cosmopolitanism. International Affairs 79: 1 22. Mac Kenzie, D. (1993) Inventing Accuracy: A Histor ical Sociology of Nuclear Missile Guidance. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA. Roland, A. (1985) Science and War. Osiris (2nd ser- ies) 1: 247 72. … Read more 3040 military sociology

military research and science and war 3037

acceptable methods further testifies to the power of obedience in shaping human action (Blass 2000). Milgram offers an important approach to explaining the Holocaust by emphasizing the bureaucratic nature of evil, which relegated individuals to executioners of orders issued by a legitimate authority. Sociologists have extended this analysis and provided compelling accounts of obedience as … Read more military research and science and war 3037

3036 Milgram, Stanley (experiments)

stress that all teachers experienced. Because the situation was extremely realistic, teachers were agonizing over whether or not to continue the electric shocks. Should they care for the well being of the obviously imperiled learners and even put their life in danger? Or should they abide by a legitimate authority figure, who pre sented his … Read more 3036 Milgram, Stanley (experiments)

migration: undocumented/illegal 3033

such as regulating the patterns of skill transfer, household decision making, labor market seg mentation dynamics, networking, and resi dential location choice. These studies debunk some of the myths on migration in general and illegal migration in particular by addressing issues pertinent to female migration, kinship relations, and the interconnections among gen der, class, and … Read more migration: undocumented/illegal 3033

3032 migration: undocumented/illegal

legal minimum, they embody marginality and social exclusion. With regard to policymaking no Southern European country has adequate immigration infrastructure or legislative enactments, although framework immigration laws were introduced at different stages in the four countries: 1985 in Spain, 1986 and 1990 in Italy, 1991 in Greece, and 1993 in Portugal. For example, the partici … Read more 3032 migration: undocumented/illegal

migration: undocumented/illegal 3031

Winkelmann, R. (1999) Immigration: The New Zeal- and Experience. Discussion Paper No. 61, IZA. Zhou, M. (1997) Segmented Assimilation: Issues, Controversies, and Recent Research on the New Second Generation. International Migration Review 31(4): 975 1008. migration: undocumented/illegal Joanna Hadjicostandi Illegal migration involves people moving away from a country of origin to another country in which … Read more migration: undocumented/illegal 3031