Lefebvre, Henri (190191) 2581

residuum, a moment of history, what is left over after working activities are extracted, humble actions that are repeated daily and taken for granted, the positive moment and power of daily life. This is the regressive moment in his dialectical method. Then he links the concept to its place in the current social totality. Every … Read more Lefebvre, Henri (190191) 2581

2580 Lefebvre, Henri (190191)

ODonnell, G. & Schmitter, P. (1989) Transitions from Authoritarian Rule. Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore. Putnam, R. (1993) Making Democracy Work: Civil Tradition in Modern Italy. Princeton University Press, Princeton. Touraine, A. (1989) America Latina: Poltica y socie dad. Espasa Calpe, Madrid. Lefebvre, Henri (190191) Michael T. Ryan Henri Lefebvre had the good fortune to … Read more 2580 Lefebvre, Henri (190191)

Lechner, Norbert (19392004) 2579

Because of this, the study of everyday life becomes a fundamental concern for Lechner. He returns to important authors such as Gould ner, Habermas, Touraine, and Heller and pro poses that everyday life is a crystallization of the social conditions that allow us to explore the relationship between macro and microsocial processes. It is the … Read more Lechner, Norbert (19392004) 2579

2578 Lechner, Norbert (19392004)

based on agreements that give rise to political self determination. The greatest challenge in Latin American transitions is the construction of an order that can combine the possibility to establish consensuses regarding central themes that lead to democracy. From this perspective there are no longer predetermined subjects, nor armed revolutions. Qualitative changes are pro claimed … Read more 2578 Lechner, Norbert (19392004)

2576 Lechner, Norbert (19392004)

The state is necessary because it organizes and guarantees relationships of domination and inequality. Economic coercion (exploitation of the added value) breaks down into objectified political coercion in the state apparatus. The state is an autonomous power that intervenes in the economic sphere and fails to appear as a co constitutive moment in capitalist production … Read more 2576 Lechner, Norbert (19392004)