3200 new middle classes in Asia

Fourth, the middle class is also regarded as an ascending class and a modernization force providing indispensable professional services to society. Often associated with the proliferation of NGOs, the middle class is an ascending poli tical force that attempts to define the societys sociopolitical agendas such as the advancement of democracy, human rights, gender issues, … Read more 3200 new middle classes in Asia

new middle classes in Asia 3199

general way. Necessary as they may be, we should thus be careful when making general izations about the Asian middle class lest we unwittingly gloss over its heterogeneity across regions. It may be recalled that while the past two centuries have respectively been hailed as the European century and the American cen tury, the twenty … Read more new middle classes in Asia 3199

3198 new middle classes in Asia

on workplace hazards, unlawful trading prac tices, the victimization of housing tenants, and corporate violence against Punjabi farm work ers. Note, too, that left realists now devote more theoretical, empirical, and political atten tion to the ways in which broader structural changes that have occurred in capitalist coun tries since the 1970s (e.g., deindustrialization, the … Read more 3198 new middle classes in Asia

new left realism 3197

Left realists also argue that people who lack legitimate means of solving the problem of rela tive deprivation may come into contact with other frustrated disenfranchised people and form subcultures, which, in turn, encourage and legitimate criminal behaviors (Lea & Young 1984). For example, receiving respect from peers is highly valued among ghetto adoles cents … Read more new left realism 3197

3196 new left realism

Mattson, K. (2002) Intellectuals in Action: The Ori gins of the New Left and Radical Liberalism, 1945 1970. Pennsylvania State University Press, Uni- versity Park. Miller, J. (1994) Democracy is in the Streets: From Port Huron to the Streets of Chicago. Harvard Uni- versity Press, Cambridge, MA. Mills, C. W. (1963) Power, Politics, and People. … Read more 3196 new left realism

new left 3195

but also criticizing anti communism as a major barrier to articulate social criticism and collective action. Its anti anti communism greatly dis tressed most adult leaders of the old demo cratic left (although it was prescient about how the left in both Europe and the US would be reconstituted in the decade to follow). Equally … Read more new left 3195

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A number of new journals, some modeled on New Left Review, were suddenly coming out of these towns (these included Studies on the Left in Madison, New University Thought in Chicago, and Root and Branch in Berkeley). Their shared theme: the new potential for a resurgent left, and the need to ground that left on … Read more 3194 new left

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and other radicals with ideological and theore tical foundations originating in Europe was emerging in the late nineteenth and early twen tieth centuries. Historian Christopher Lasch identified what he called a new radicalism in the political practice and thought of such early twentieth century intellectuals as Jane Addams, Walter Lippman, and Randolph Bourne, who shared … Read more new left 3193

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Whether there are really two different New Ages, the first and the second, or whether the New Age is one and differences should not be overemphasized, depends on how New Age is reconstructed. If one assumes, as Hanegraaff (1996) does, that utopianism was or is not crucial for New Age, it could be argued that … Read more 3192 new left

New Age 3191

byproduct of excessive commercialism nor an invention of scholars, as some irate New Agers claimed. Ultimately, New Age went the same way as many other forms of progressive millen nialism had gone before it. In the face of the crisis, a number of New Agers simply abandoned the movement, but there is no evidence that … Read more New Age 3191