1648 fatherhood

distinction is made between the terms father, fathering, and fatherhood. The first refers to the connection made between a particular child and a particular man (whether biological or social). The second refers to behavior; the actual practices of doing parenting. The third refers to more general ideologies and pub lic meanings associated with being a … Read more 1648 fatherhood

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https://myspiritualshenanigans.blog/soul-contracts/ https://bidg.org/2021/02/09/rideshare-drivers-draft-their-own-bill-of-rights/   https://chambleeumc.org/easter-2021/ https://chambleeumc.org/easter-2021/

family theory 1633

maintain that women contribute more than they receive in return. Second, processes of control and domination are thought to come into play whenever men and women interact. Relations between husbands and wives are identified as power relations, in which men dominate over women. Feminist theories of marriage and family therefore devote much attention to analyzing … Read more family theory 1633

family migration 1607

migrant families use different strategies which involves partners joining or moving together, and how these different strategies influence the post migration labor market status of both partners. Moreover, the above studies clearly adhere to Halfacrees (2001) call for scholars to be more reflexive when establishing taxonomic classifications of family migrants. Second, ideas from social theory … Read more family migration 1607

deindustrialization 993

https://mecades.com/using-competencies-to-help-improve-the-caliber-of-their-employees/ service sector industries included health and health care, education, social services, personal services, and more recently financial, insurance, and real estate services, and hospitality/tour ism. The increased demand for goods was accompanied by a push for cheaper production, which was made possible through automation, lower rents or land costs, and less expensive labor. The … Read more deindustrialization 993

death of the sociology of deviance? 979

https://mecades.com/l-increasing-your-salary that few sociologists want to teach courses on deviance, that the subject is being eliminated from sociologys curriculum. The field of deviance studies died, she claims, because of its relativistic stance; increasingly, she asserts, Americans are rejecting the fields neutral, amoral, relativistic cloak because it justifies immoral behaviors that deserve to be stigma tized … Read more death of the sociology of deviance? 979

Bateson, Gregory (190480) 247

https://mecades.com/l-increasing-your-salary/ lives, that there is nothing else. Cruelty and eroticism are conscious intentions in a mind which has resolved to trespass into a forbidden field of behaviour . . . Cruelty may veer towards eroticism (Bataille 2001: 80). It is here in vio lence and eroticism where we acquire the energy for social life and … Read more Bateson, Gregory (190480) 247