industrial relations 2287

testing lay observation which apparently relied upon some form of inductive inference from experience to the observation statements describing that experience. Since this would re raise a variation of Humes problem, deductivism was forced to recognize the unavoidably theory laden and conventional character of observa tion. The traditional logical positivist reliance on the distinction between … Read more industrial relations 2287

individualism 2285

natural liberty and exchange of goods and ser vices in free and competitive markets, with as few interventions by the state as possible, would best support societal development and welfare. A growing political individualism became most influential with the French Revolution and the emphasis on individual rights, referring to the idea of natural justice in … Read more individualism 2285

2284 indigenous peoples

These controversies have heightened identity politics both within Native groups and between Native groups and the general population. While American Indian gaming might be viewed negatively by some non Indians, Amer ican Indian religions and traditions (real or ima gined) have attracted many non Indians. Some religions welcome, and indeed, seek to convert others and … Read more 2284 indigenous peoples

indigenous peoples 2283

increased 37 percent (to 1,878,285); and from 1990 to 2000, the American Indian population increased 26 percent (to 2,366,639). The increase is due to improved enumeration techniques, a decrease in death rates, and an increasingly will ingness of individuals to identify themselves as Native American. Native Americans intermarry with other groups more than any other … Read more indigenous peoples 2283

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numbers, they should be included in any gen eral discussion of race or ethnicity, particularly since the historical treatment and contemporary status of native peoples are central to national questions of group rights, nation formation, justice, group formation, group transformation, and social change. The study of indigenous peoples represents an invaluable opportunity for theory building … Read more 2282 indigenous peoples

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petitioning for political rights, and demanding control of resources; many are doing so with remarkable success given their limited votes, money, or military capacity. To illustrate the resurgence in indigenous identities, commu nities, and cultures, after a brief discussion of terminology and the sociological significance of studying indigenous peoples, we focus here on contemporary demographic, … Read more indigenous peoples 2281

3040 military sociology

De Vries, K. (1992) Medieval Military Technology. Broadview, Peterborough. Kaldor, M. (2003) American Power: From Compli- ance to Cosmopolitanism. International Affairs 79: 1 22. Mac Kenzie, D. (1993) Inventing Accuracy: A Histor ical Sociology of Nuclear Missile Guidance. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA. Roland, A. (1985) Science and War. Osiris (2nd ser- ies) 1: 247 72. … Read more 3040 military sociology